Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Afghan Flag Project.

Meet the newest addition to our blogroll, Afghan Flag Project. The goal is "to populate America with as many Afghan flags as possible." Why?

By planting a foreign flag in American soil, the Afghan Flag Project seeks to provoke public debate and private introspection over the meaning of war and patriotism, borders and sovereignty, moral imperatives and political realities.

Here's how you can participate:

1. Email us at afghanflagproject[at]gmail.com and request Afghan flag stickers.  We will mail you some stickers, free of charge.

2. Apply the stickers
. We can’t control how you use the stickers; we can only request that you use your own best judgement.  Our wish for the project is to provoke conversation, not to promote vandalism.

3. Take photos of the stickers in their new locations, and email the photos to us at afghanflagproject[at]gmail.com.  Include the approximate address of the location.
We will post the pictures on our blog.  Our interactive map tracks locations of Afghan flag stickers around the country.  Approximate address should include neighborhood, city, and state (i.e., Santa Monica , Los Angeles, CA).

Let's cover this map.

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