Thursday, September 02, 2010

Yeah, because being wrong about everything has hurt Republicans so much.

Yeesh, Matt's just wrong here on so many levels. The entire conservative movement is built on lying to the choir, and it's been wildly successful in this country.

Iraq? Had WMD.
Global warming? Fake.
Tax cuts? Increase revenue.
Obama? A Marxist.

What are they right about? And they're about to take over the House of Representatives!

Anyway, I haven't read it, but as a marketer, I think American Taliban is coming out about 6 years too late.

Back in 2004, it would've been great. The Taliban had aided the people who attacked us in 2001, and the GOP was exploiting the war against them for political gains. And back then, Talibangelicals like Tom DeLay were running the GOP, and the religious right had a hotline to the White House.

But now? Feels a little dated.

Still, the liberal hand-wringing over it is deeply silly.

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