Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Open Letter to Hugh Hewitt.

Please stay out of New York's affairs, you pasty hillbilly cunt. And as to this:

I oppose [the Cordoba House] because the land and buildings damaged by the assault are now part of the sacred space of America's great civic religion.

Um, eat me? Yes, Ground Zero is a big ugly hole in the ground, but more importantly, it is a massive piece of real estate. It is not, no matter what our worthless piece-of-shit former mayor says, a 'sacred space'. If it's so sacred, how come you ain't bothered by the prospect of an NYU dorm on the old Deutsche Bank lot (a deal which will dump thousands of drunken little Felicitys into Lower Manhattan) or, worse, a battalion of Condé Nasties tromping across this hallowed ground?

Well golly, I'd hate to speculate.

The Cordoba House is exactly what this city needs. The fact that it's a couple of blocks from the Bush Administration's biggest failure is just gravy.



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