Friday, July 16, 2010

Ooga Booga.

Putz has been pushing the bullshit DOJ/Black Panther thing pretty hard. Today, after linking to an editorial titled "Racialist Justice: Attorney General Holder's lawyers won't protect whites" in The Washington Times -- that Washington Times -- he says:

The Justice Department’s behavior here runs the risk of delegitimizing the entire civil rights and voting apparatus, which would be a disaster.

That sound you hear is Putz whispering "...for black people" under his breath, gleefully rubbing his hands together, and soulfully stroking his cat.

But if “civil rights” becomes a synonym for “helping Democratic constituencies only” then disaster is what it will be.

Which is funny, because I thought 'civil rights' was already synonymous with 'the inalienable right of honkies to have guns on Amtrak and sundry other places that guns should not be.

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