Friday, July 23, 2010

Left Hand, Right Hand.

Yesterday, Politico's Ben Smith wisely wrote:

Breitbart's sites now have a growing credibility problem.

Well, yes, this is what happens when you report the capture of the still-free Mullah Omar, smear a respected federal employee, and bring down an organization that for decades helped poor families register to vote and obtain healthcare. (And oh, by the way, ACORN was exonerated.)

Today, Politico published a list of '50 Politicos to Watch' who will, says Politico, "set this city’s agenda." Among this rarefied group -- one of the 'scenemakers' -- is... Andrew Breitbart!

Now you'd think, given all the embarrassing trail puff pieces and the fact that 24 hours ago one of Politico's best reporters called Breitbart a hack, the pub might just go easy on the gauze. You'd be wrong.

  • The conservative writer and personality lives on the West Coast — a fact that gives him a certain mystique among Washingtonians accustomed to seeing the same faces again and again.
  • Still, it’s more than rarity that makes Breitbart a party get. He’s an ideal guest. ... "Andrew’s fun, provocative and obviously not afraid to speak his mind,” Huffington said about her conservative counterpart.
  • He’s dead-on and witty at the same time,” said [David] Bass.

Exactly how much more credibility must Breitbart lose before this stops?

Each time real media outlets and reporters treat Breitbart as a colleague -- an equal -- the more they devalue their own hard work and their profession.

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