Friday, June 11, 2010

Bang Bang Hehindeedy!


CIVIL RIGHTS PROGRESS? Republican senator’s plan to let guns on Amtrak moves closer to reality.

Perhaps you're familiar with this senator, Roger Wicker? He hates children. Back in 1998, he decided it was more important to line the coffers of Mississippi than to keep kids from dying:

WASHINGTON, July 28— For nearly four years, the Federal Government's top consumer agency has been working to fashion regulations to make upholstered furniture more fire resistant. The agency, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, acted after a group of fire marshals filed a petition in 1994 that said fires from upholstered furniture accounted for hundreds of household fire deaths in the nation each year, many of them children.

But this month a legislative rider suddenly appeared on a House appropriations bill that would stop the commission from putting rules into effect any time soon. The provision was inserted by Representative Roger Wicker, a Republican from Tupelo, Miss., which is known, with some justification, as the upholstered furniture capital of the world.

Then, last year, probably because there were still too many not-dead kids, Wicker decided it would be just swell if four million uninsured children weren't given health insurance.

So: bravo, Roger Wicker. Your previous plans to sufficiently cull the population of America's children via poison furniture and lack of health insurance may have failed. The guns-for-crackers plan, however, may be a great -- government subsidized! -- success.

Hope you're happy.

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