Thursday, May 20, 2010

It Burns.

Pantload confesses, "I haven't been following the Rand Paul debate too closely." Still, "I agree entirely with Rich's post."

Of course he does.

The Load's ignorance, often fused with a willingness to pontificate, ain't limited to whacked-out libertarians. A perusal of his back pages reveals a shocking range of stupidity. The list not as long as you'd think, but lengthy enough to place below the fold...

Censorship: "Now I haven't been following the Giuliani versus Brooklyn Museum battle very closely, and just when I was starting to pay attention, it seems to have been settled."

Teevee: "I haven't been following [American Idol] much for all sorts of reasons."

New Jersey politics: "To be honest, I haven't followed the New Jersey folderol too closely."

Snuff films: "I haven't followed much of the controversy or the hype about Mel Gibson's new film on the Passion."

Presidential primary: "I haven’t followed the Iowa straw poll closely..."

Polls: "I haven't followed all of the details of the "missing bounce" discussion on Obama..."

GOP sex scandals: "Okay, I haven't followed the Ryan thing closely. But here are few thoughts...."

The Scott Peterson case: "I haven't followed the case since its second or third week. ... I assume the verdict is correct."

The U.S. Attorney scandal: "But to be brutally honest, I haven't followed it closely enough to make up my own mind on the merits. I really suspect that this is much ado about not much. But I could be wrong."

The Oil-for-Food scandal: "Now, while I haven't followed it that closely, I do think the FT's point about the Security Council deserving more blame is a sound one."

Israeli politics: "I haven't followed the details of the Sharon money scandal, but it seems to me..."

Nuclear negotiations: "I haven't followed the Iran-EU nuclear negotiations close enough, but I'm still skeptical."

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