Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Bark, Bark.

At last, a defense of Virginia's Confederate History Month! The source is unexpected, to say the least. Here's David Frum, who may be angling for an SCV sinecure to replace his lost wages.

Regarding the proclamation, says Frum,

It’s hard to imagine a more anodyne remembrance of the Confederacy than this issued by McDonnell. It does contain the eyebrow-raising language that the Confederates “fought for their  homes and communities and Commonwealth.” None of those things were in danger in 1861. Beyond that, however, it’s a bland invocation of the importance of studying history.

"That" is doing a hell of a lot of work is sentence, considering this particular definite article refers to, you know, the proclamation's elision of slavery.

David Frum is a dishonest, warmongering, no-account slimeball. Beyond that, however, he's not a bad guy!

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