Tuesday, April 13, 2010

As Goes Erick Erickson, So Goes a Lot of Other Stupid People. Maybe?

Putz just put out a casting call to unemployed nativist interested in playing the role of "reporter" during the tax day pajama jamboree.

Sadly, Erick Erickson will not be among their number. Possibly following a CNN directive, Jonathan Klein's new bicycle is kissing the tea parties goodbye:

Most of us can sit back and ask one simple question: What the heck happened?

The tea party movement, one year later, is descending into a self-parody of infighting, money making, claims of national leadership, protests, unions, federations, amalgamations, etc. The groups have been so busy organizing themselves to distinguish themselves from each other that the core message is gone and media and left have been able to seize on the discord and paint a picture of the tea party movement as something other than it is and what we all know it to be — concerned Americans.

But I have a simple message for them all — it is time to stop calling yourselves tea party activists and start calling yourselves concerned Americans. ...

We have reached a point where the tea party movement will either go forward in greater organization or it will not. As one of those people who turned out for the initial protests, the later protests, flew around the country speaking at rallies, etc. I would like to say goodbye.

Sad.  Erickson takes to RedState's comments to strategize:

If the streets are quiet [t]he left should get complacent as we are all out busy as bees plotting the conservative counter-revolution. They’ll never know what hit them.

But now we know your big plan!

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