Thursday, November 12, 2009

That Word, "Influential"...

A line from Politico's item about the efforts of Dem and GOP activists to cut off the money supply:

Erick Erickson, editor of the influential conservative blog RedState, called on NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions (R-Texas) to step down for his role in the contest.

RedState is many things: Delusional? Check. Stupid? Absolutely. Racist? Totally. Funny? Sometimes.

But influential? I don't see it. The National Review clearly keeps them at arm's length. Sure, Erickson himself sometimes receives coverage, but it's almost exclusively from Ramesh Ponnuru, who is always careful to remind readers that he and Erickson are "friends." Because why else would he bother linking, right?

Beyond that, though, what exactly has RedState accomplished? (aside from providing liberal bloggers with an unquantifiable amount of material)

Doug Hoffman was a major loser. Olympia Snowe last time I checked is still Senator, so apparently she finds the threat of rock salt unpersuasive. Last year, Erickson begged his minions to send rubber balls to still-Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell "to remind him he needed to grow a pair and fight the Democrats." Observed Wonkette, "And no one ever heard from Mitch McConnell again." Operation Silly Putty -- RedState sent Kent Williams a message via an inorganic polymer! -- was also a huge failure.

On the plus side of the ledger, sending fake dog feces to Rep. Pomeroy may ultimately reap benefits, but it's just too soon to tell.

So, yeah. I don't get it. Erickson & Co. seem to have the reverse Midas Touch -- everything they touch turns to shit.

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