Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Comment gold

We don't even have a full Erickson-Palin transcript yet and it has already yielded comedy gold.
I was so delighted when she catagorically rejected the global warming nonesense in an interview with Rush today. This is something that she was unable to do during the campaign because of McCain’s climate facisim views. This issue is one of the most important for me. Global warming facisim is the buggest threat to our liberty, prosperity, free markets, and way of life. Sarah is so far the only possible 2012 contender that holds this view. Don’t let Pawlenty’s 180 degree turnabout fool you.
BT adds...

God, what a couple of asshats.

Nation Building

One of the issues that has divided the right lately is nation building. I asked her view and she said “I really do think America is blessed. We have taken a voluntary responsibility to assist other nations,” but we have to do our part at home first to build ourselves up. She said it didn’t do us any good to help lift up other countries if we weren’t lifting up ourselves. She cited “cutting taxes, helping employers, and building up our military” as examples.

Because it's so easy to help other nations and "build up our military" -- which we're already spending $700B a year on -- when we cut taxes, already at historic lows.

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