Friday, October 30, 2009

One in Ev'ry Crowd.

Wingnuts have been blessedly silent re: the repeal of the HIV/AIDS travel ban.

Not all, of course.

Big-time blogger Steve Gilbert of Sweetness & Light -- who is not, I am sure, paranoid -- sees Obama's angle:

Ever wonder why it is so important for Mr. Obama and the Democrats to stop insurance companies from ‘discriminating’ against prior conditions?

Well, sure! I mean, pre-existing conditions are sometimes a bit ridiculous...

WRONG ANSWER! Gilbert's commenters hear the dog whistle loud 'n' clear:

Liberals Demise
Muslims and illegals to the left; HIV positive spreaders to the right.
The sickness from this regime is “Out of Control!”
Will they get free gubbamint health care too?

Right of the People
Like they used to say back in the early 90s, “Got Aids Yet?”
This is right up there when Jemmy let Fidel empty his jails and insane asylums and send them here. The Won™ probably has some distant family members from back in the old country who couldn’t get a visa to visit. After all, the Dark Continent is where this sh*t started.

Great. Now we will have thousands of HIV Apple Seeds infecting the country.
How many people does each HIV victim infect?
How racist of me. These new voters, of course, will be very careful to protect our countrymen. Obamy will insist on it.
But lets just say, for grins, that each one infects 5 others, and those infect 4 each and those infect 3 each and those infect 2 each and those infect 1 each. And that the cost to treat each is $100,000 (it’s more like 1,000,000), and that a mere 1000 will get into the country (it will be more like 10,000 per year), and of course, that TAXPAYERS will pay for everything.
The cost of those outrageously understated assumptions is 12 Billion a year.
Isn’t it wonderful.

Jesus. I haven't seen such humanitarians since Althouse's comment section.

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