Thursday, September 24, 2009

What WFB Hath Wrought.

This is funny.

Earlier today, Michael Ledeen and Andy McCarthy agreed that Obama "rather likes tyrants and dislikes America."

This is totally not surprising and not any worse than the crap these two idiots fart out on a daily basis. This time, however, Rich Lowry decided to yank the leash:

That's way over-board. It's a horrible speech, accompanied by dreadful policies from Honduras to Eastern Europe. But it's not that Obama positively likes tyrants and thugs. ... It's just that he thinks the policies we'd want to see him adopt vis-a-vis those countries are flatly mistaken, short-sighted, not worth the cost, or all three. E.g., I'd like to see him prevent a Taliban takeover of a chunk of Afghanistan. But if he pulls out and (based on a political judgment or flawed cost-benefit analysis) adopts a stand-off strategy that allows the Taliban to regain lots of territory in Afghanistan and perhaps even topple the government, I'd never conclude that he therefore likes the Taliban. There's no doubt that Obama has an allergy to American power and a hostility to American exceptionalism, but, alas, these tendencies themselves are firmly within the American tradition. Is he left-wing and very wrong? Of course. But he's not rooting for the Basij militia.

Prediction: Goldberg takes Ledeen's side, K-Lo will ignore the issue altogether and continue to explain away the empty bottle of Maker's, and Jay Nordlinger will recall something he heard from somebody somewhere that absolutely nobody gives a shit about.

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