Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Another right-wing shooter.


Following on the heels of Richard Poplawski, Scott Roeder, and James von Brunn, 48-year-old George Sodini, angry about miscegenation between black men and white women, the liberal media, and Obama getting elected, allegedly opened fire last night into a Pittsburgh gym killing three women. For some reason, the AP leaves all the gender, racial, and political stuff out.

A few things should go without saying: This man has little in common with mainstream conservatives. At the same time, right-wing extremist violence, partially due to people who are unable to handle a black man being president, is a problem that the Feds should be worried about -- which, at the same time, doesn't give the government the authority to ignore people's individual rights in the name of security.

It's unclear to me why conservatives can understand the former, but can't seem to grasp the latter, and continue to pretend that men like this don't actually exist.
The Pittsburgh shooter wasn't "left" or "right" -- he was just crazy.

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