Sunday, July 19, 2009

Putz doubles-down on Assrocket's climate change assclownery.

180px-Glenn_Reynolds.JPGOne of the most amusing genres of wingnut writing is the "it was cool somewhere on the planet today which proves Al Gore is lying" post. Nate Silver had a funny take on this yesterday (also noted by Thers), in response to this Assrocket post.

Silver, unlike Assrocket, actually bothered to look up the temperatures and it turns out that, surprise!, Assrocket was completely wrong about the weather in his own city. Oh well.

Undeterred by that rather embarrassing exchange, the non-partisan liberatarian Putz jumped to Assrocket's defense.

OKAY, I STEPPED OUTSIDE A LITTLE WHILE AGO, and it was actually a bit chilly. In Knoxville, in mid-July. My dad says it hasn’t broken 90 all summer, which may be right. I’m saving real money on A/C bills this year. Could be worse — could be Michigan.

Meanwhile, Nate Silver says it’s all in your mind. Two thoughts: (1) I hope so — better that than living in a John Ringo novel. (2) Just remember Nate’s stuff when the press is yammering on about a hot day, or a hurricane, being “caused by global warming.”

So Nate mocks wingnuts for ignoring hard data in favor of rather shallow, subjective observations, and Putz responds with "Nate Silver is clearly wrong about the weather in Minneapolis because it's chilly in Knoxville today and additionally, my dad said something that I haven't bothered to verify--Heh." Priceless.

And naturally, Father of Putz was wrong -- the temperature in Knoxville exceeded 90 4 times last month.

But why let actual facts get in the way of some good old fashioned climate change denial, gratuitous media bashing and -- wait for it --

My tomatoes aren’t doing well, either. I don’t know that that says much about the global temperature, but you can bet if it were unseasonably hot we’d be hearing that it’s a vindication of Al Gore.

...the obligatory swipe at Al Gore.

"Global warming" is SOOOOO FAKE!1!! Suck it, libtards!

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