Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Final Exam cheat sheet

Alberto Gonzales is finally off the dole. He'll recruit minority students to Texas Tech University and teach one political science course per semester. Fine, I'll go with the obvious joke: Is writing "I don't know" or "I don't recall" 78 times in two hours an acceptable answer on his final exam?

As a fellow professor of political science, I welcome Mr. Gonzales' insight in a course entitled "Contemporary Issues in the Executive Branch." I hope that the first time a student raises his or her hand to ask Prof. Gonzales a question he freezes with the same oops-I-shit-my-pants smirk he so wantonly used before Congress.

Also, holy shit does Lubbock blow. One of the saddest excuses for a city I've ever seen and a perfect place for Gonzo to be forgotten. When interviewing at TTU, one of the ways they try to sell prospective faculty on living in the middle of nowhere is by touting the excellent burn unit at the University hospital. True story. That's actually in their sales pitch.

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