Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Eventually, Ann, You Ought to Stop Pleading Ignorance.

Althouse, 5 days ago:

Since I have been given no time to figure it [the Obama health-care bill] out, I will ram through my explanation: They don't want us to see how terrible it is. My working theory must be it's a horror. Therefore, I am vehemently opposed to it. Aren't you?

Althouse, today:

The Democrats have dumped a drastic, complicated health care bill on us and they are ramming it through before we can even figure it out.

At some point, I hope Ann will simply STFU and do a little reading. That, of course, is less convenient than whinging that the bill is just too damn complicated for her beautiful mind.

I don't expect Ann to do this, of course. Crappy bug pics will not take themselves, you know!

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