Monday, June 08, 2009

Pajama Putziness.

Roger L. Simon, today:

This week’s Poliwood is about “Who Killed Hollywood?” - assuming somebody did. Or perhaps, as I state, cribbing the great words of Preston Sturges referring to chivalry: “It’s not only dead, it’s decomposed.”

August 29, 2008:

The media, of course, swallowed like eager, brainless adherents - another indication that liberalism is not only dead, it’s decomposed.

August 13, 2008:

Or, to once again paraphrase the great Preston Sturges: “Lberalism is not only dead, it’s decomposed.”

April 15, 2008:

The word liberal no longer exists. It has been hijacked and placed in the deep freeze… or … to paraphrase Preston Sturges (who was talking of chivalry at the time)… “Liberalism is not only dead. It’s decomposed.”

January 15, 2008:

David Brooks has a smart column in the NYT today - The Identity Trap - that almost doesn’t go far enough. Identity politics isn’t just “dead,” in the immortal words of Preston Sturges, “it’s decomposed.”

November 8, 2005:

Back on 6/13/2003 I put up a post based on that great Claudette Colbert (okay, Preston Sturges) line from Palm Beach Story: “Chivalry is not only dead, it’s decomposed!” The same, I wrote then and continue to feel [You haven't matured, I see.-ed.], can be said of party politics in our country today...

May 22, 2005:

The ideologies of liberalism and progressivism, as they were known to us for decades, are not only dead, as the lady said… they’re decomposed.

July 24, 2004:

The UN Oil-for-Food Scandal - undoubtedly the greatest boodoggle in the entire history of international organizations — continues to be virtually unreported by our sclerotic Mainstream Media like the NYT and the LAT. They seem desperate to preserve the impression that all is well at the United Nations — proof by itself that our contemporary hidebound “liberalism” is not only dead, it’s decomposed.

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