Friday, April 10, 2009

Rod Dreher Sweats The Nuts.

Rod Dreher, March 24, 2009:

I put nearly every blog post here that has anything more than a tangential relationship to homosexuality in the "Homosexuality" category (most posts have more than one category, you will have noticed). So I just did a search of everything I've posted in 2009 under the Homosexuality category. Know how many posts I came up with? Sixteen.

Know how many posts I've put up in 2009, total? 455. How many were in the Economics category? 103. But no one accuses me of having an "economics fixation." How many were about Media? 26. But no one complains about my "media fixation." How many appeared in the Food category? 20. Where are those who object to my "food fixation"?

What's more, my posts categorized in Homosexuality almost always had to do with the way homosexuality is related to broader issues -- of, say, politics, privacy and the Internet in the Eightmaps controversy, or on religious freedom, or, as in yesterday's bit about the gay man in Andrew Sullivan's reader's parish, which prompted Damon's post, about how long-settled moral doctrines of institutional churches get changed. It cannot be seriously denied that the greater acceptance of homosexuality in civic life, and the push for gay marriage rights, poses big questions for how we think about the human person, our relationship to traditional religion, the way we organize our society, and so forth. So why are we who wish to discuss this from a socially conservative perspective to be dunned for having a "fixation" on homosexuality?

The truth, I suspect, is that secular, or secularizing, liberals like Damon (and some readers of this blog) are the ones who have a "fixation" on homosexuality. How else to explain the disproportionate reaction to anything I post having to do with homosexuality? Homosexuality has been a main topic of 3.5 percent of the posts on this blog in 2009. I mean, really now. It seems to me that the moral licitness of homosexuality is such a non-issue in their intellectual world and social milieu that they cannot imagine why anybody else, especially people who seem to have more than a couple of brain cells to rub together, doesn't agree with them. Therefore, even the slightest peeps objecting to the homosexual liberationist line genuinely strike them as evidence of a "fixation." It's the whole "how did Nixon win I don't know anybody who voted for him" thing.

Since then ol' Rod has written 16 posts on the gay scourge, expending literally thousands of words on a subject he so totally does not care about.

Geez, people. Why ever would you think he has a fixation?

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