Monday, April 06, 2009

All weekend long: the PJTV Death Pool

Loyal readers,

Now that the Pajamas Media blog network has turned up the Joy Division and slashed its wrists, we here at Instaputz figure that PJTV is now officially on Death Watch. TS broke the news about the blog network with the cheerful prediction that PJTV will collapse within six months. Logically, I figured that we should make a game out of this.

So. Place your bets in the comments. On what date will PJTV wrap its mouth around the exhaust pipe and, ensuring a tight seal, breathe deeply as Roger Simon mashes the accelerator? Whoever makes the closest guess will win a fabulous prize.*

*Warning: prize may not exist. Instaputz, Inc. and its parent corporation, Nordyne Defense Dynamics, reserve the right to subtitute sex for prizes based on the attractiveness of the winner. Determination of attractiveness will be made at the sole discretion of Instaputz, Inc. and all decisions are final. Winner may not choose which member of the Instaputz, Inc. team will "deliver" the "prize." Instaputz, Inc. reserves the right to have the prize distributed by all three authors simultaneously in a maneuver known as the "four car pile-up." Cash value 1/20th cent. Aim contents away from face while commenting. Offer void in Utah.

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