Thursday, March 05, 2009

Eat Balls, Peter Wehner.

Peter Wehner: "Awesome!"

Peter Wehner, crowing that, eight years ago at this time, George W. Bush had better job approval ratings than President Obama, elides the fact that Bush took office with a $128 brillion dollar budget surplus while Obama... didn't.

Fine -- that's standard-issue mendacity. But then Wehner says something I always suspected wingnuts believed, but presumed they hadn't the audacity to say aloud:

George W. Bush’s greatest moment in his presidency was still months off.


September 11, 2001 was many things: tragic, avoidable, horrific, devastating, and so on. But it honestly never occurred to me that allowing the attacks of that morning* and then riding the resultant popularity to a second term was something Bush ought to be proud of.

(Bush, to his credit, reportedly disagrees with Wehner.)

*Yes. I'm sure you've noticed that even though Obama's been in office a mere month and a half, the fucked up economy is his fault.

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