Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Why It's Okay to Hate John McCain.

Because he didn't say, "yes."

Blade: Del Martin died on Aug. 27. She and Phyllis Lyon, her partner of 55 years, got married in the first legal gay union in California in June —affording Phyllis many of the basic protections and rights granted to married couples, such as hospital visitation and estate planning issues. Do you envision a time when all GLBT citizens will have similar basic rights? During your administration?

McCain: I respect that Del and Phyllis spent a lifetime together. As I stated earlier, however, I believe that issues regarding marriage and family laws are best decided by the states and not the federal government.

"[T]he nods to tolerance in this interview are likely to give fundies agita," says Pam, but I dunno. Fundies like their pols to be heartless assholes and, if this exchange proves nothing else, Senator McCain is certainly that.

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