Thursday, October 09, 2008

Glenn Reynolds and "Dude, where's my recession?": a timeline.

With the Dow down another 700 today, I thought it was time to revisit one of Putz's pet phrases. Don't think we'll be seeing too much more of it, do you?

August 28, 2008:
DUDE, WHERE'S MY RECESSION? (CONT'D): Not to say things are hunky-dory -- I'm worried about inflation -- but this doesn't look like a recession.
July 15, 2008
DUDE, WHERE'S MY RECESSION? (CONT'D): My own prediction: If Obama is elected in November, the press will spend a lot of time explaining why a recession is actually a good thing for America!
June 12, 2008
DUDE, WHERE'S MY RECESSION? (CONT'D): Do we face possibly serious economic problems? Quite possibly. Are we in a recession now, as media folks keep claiming? It doesn't look like it.
June 6, 2008
As I've noted before, I can't call the economy better than experts -- who themselves can't call the economy very well -- but I can spot a media bulldozing operation when I see one, and I see one now.
May 31, 2008
DUDE, WHERE'S MY RECESSION? (CON'TD): Okay, it's not all rosy, but it's not exactly the economic wasteland we've been hearing about.
May 29, 2008.
DUDE, WHERE'S MY RECESSION? (CON'TD): It may not be the best economy in living memory, but it's not all that bad, either.
May 6, 2008
DUDE, WHERE'S MY RECESSION? (CON'TD): Well, it’s early days, to be fair, but so far the Great Depression 2008 is shaping up to be a Great Disappointment. Not so much The Grapes of Wrath as Raisins of Mild Inconvenience.
May 2, 2008
DUDE, WHERE'S MY RECESSION? (CONT'D): Chicken Little Alert, or how to make good news sound like bad news.
The full body of work is available here.

And he's got the nerve to do this.

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