Thursday, October 09, 2008


My favorite blogger, Sis B:

I'm getting really goddamn tired of having my intelligence questioned around the blogosphere, especially the milblogosphere, for supporting Obama.

Let me make this very, very clear:

My support of Obama is not, in fact, because The Daily Show is my only news source. I am not unintelligent; nor am I unpatriotic.

I am not a less worthy American because my contributions to society are not monetary.

I am not ashamed that I accepted government help to get back on my feet after escaping OF. I am not less of an American for doing so, and I am not a leech. I did not abuse the system.

As a single mother, I faced enough hardship and humilitation. Having Medicaid was an embarassment, but a necessary one. I do not believe that I, nor any other pregnant woman, deserves to die because we can't afford health coverage.

I am currently on WIC. That's right, babies. WIC. I get food stamps because we cannot afford to eat on my husband's salary. Maybe we shouldn't have had any children. That means everyone E5 and below in the military shouldn't have a single child.

I'm not a hippie. I'm not a peacenik. I'm not anti-military.

I'm not stupid.

SB either deserves a book deal -- hello, Wylie? -- or and a big, fat paypal button.

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