Thursday, July 17, 2008


Obama spokesperson, Dan Pfeiffer, last week:

It appears that after 18 months, some in the press still haven't realized that anyone who is talking about numbers doesn't know what our numbers are.

In fact, you have to think that if [Obama's] number was say, $44 million, doubling McCain’s collection for the month, we would have heard that, too.

Meanwhile, June fund-raising for Sen. Obama appears to be falling below the expectations of some supporters. The campaign hasn't released its June numbers, but people close to the fund-raising operation say the total will likely be just over $30 million.

Lynn Sweet:
The Obama campaign has yet to release its June fund-raising numbers and that suggests they did not raise as much money as they hoped.

...And yet, as we learned this morning:

Senator Barack Obama raised $52 million in June, his campaign announced on Thursday morning, more than twice the amount he raised one month earlier before claiming the Democratic presidential nomination.

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