Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hugh Hewitt, Idiot.

Here's Banana Nipple's latest post, "Obama's Magic School: Can We Have a Name Please?", in full:

Obama, extolling a new approach to education in Pennsylvania this past weekend:

When you start working with teachers, tapping into their creativity, then you start designing curriculums that tap into the childrens' creativity. I was at a wonderful charter school in Colorado, ah, that had designed the entire school year --each year was designed around a theme-- and this is a majority Hispanic school, but the theme that year, they called it "Passages." And it was all about the African American experience.Aand so they incorporated music, you know, ah tracing sort of the history of African music through blues through jazz to modern times, along with history, along with literature, and these kids last year, ah, the year before they started this charter school, about 50% of the kids had dropped out, and now a 100% of them are graduating, a 100% of them are going to college because they were engaged in a curriculum that was interesting to them and seemed relevant to them, ah, and they incorporated art and music to make school interesting.
Listen to the audio of his claim here.

I hate to be such a skeptic, but could someone send me a pointer to a story on this wonderful school?

Answer: Mapleton Expeditionary School of the Arts

Folks, it can't be said too often: This man is one of the leading conservative pundits in America.

Ergo, conservatives are greasy-balled wankers.

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