Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It Burns.

As a Putz scholar, my initial reaction when assessing posts like this is, well, he's not that stupid. It's a joke, right?
LISA SCHIFFREN: "You know, I am all for Fossella resigning. But I'm a little unclear why David Paterson, the serially adulterous Governor of NY, who recently replaced moral paragon Eliot Spitzer, gets a free pass."

Fossella is a Republican. Paterson isn't. And he's black, and differently-abled to boot. Thus, a much higher threshold for him. That's how media outcries work.

I don't feel equipped to comment. Oliver, help me out! Is it true? Does the Em Ess Em love blind, African-American politicians? The sample size is a little small and I detest generalizations.

Is it even worth pointing out that Spitzer was a Democrat and that, duh, J&W Seligman's whipping boy no longer has a job? And that Putz expressed no equal outrage at David Vitter keeping his job. (He simply compared Vitter to Al Gore -- "But as I've noted before, when you speak in terms of moral crusades, sin, and righteousness, people will tend to hold you to a higher standard." -- and suggested that "moving to make prostitution legal in the District ... would be an appropriate penance.")

I was wrong. He is that stupid.