Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Further Reasons to Despise Senator Joseph I. Lieberman.

HH: As I say, conservatives, liberals, Americans, do not wish this on anyone, no matter how deep the disagreements, and they pray for the family and [Sen. Kennedy's] recovery, and then his defeat, of course, at the election.

JL: (laughing)


JL: ...And then at least on foreign policy, the party began to move back in the 90s with Clinton and Gore, and interestingly, in the 2000 election, Gore actually was somewhat more hawkish and proactive in terms of foreign policy than then-Governor Bush was. But then it all changed on 9/11. And the President changed his position, and recognized the threat from the Islamist terrorists as what it was, and decided on a course of counteracting it with direct military action, and aggressive diplomatic outreach.

Ah, no.

HH: Now Senator, I know you’re very respectful of your friends in the Senate, including Senator Obama.

JL: Yes.

Also, no.

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