Monday, May 12, 2008

Really, Jeralyn?

When I read this...
One of the saddest episodes in our history was the degree to which returning vets from Vietnam were shunned, demonized and neglected by some because they served in an unpopular war. Too many of those who opposed the war in Vietnam chose to blame not only the leaders who ordered the mission, but the young men who simply answered their country’s call. Four decades later, the sting of that injustice is a wound that has never fully healed, and one that should never be repeated.

...I assumed that Obama was saying, simply, that Vietnam Vets were not treated as well has they should have been in the years immediately following the war and that we ought do a better job with our Iraq and Afghanistan vets. (All things considered, it's pretty clear we've fucked up there, too.)

I was wrong:
In other words, Obama intends to battle the war-hero McCain by throwing [baby boomers] under the bus....

Everybody else will be lying under the bus, which sounds like it may be the size of a 747 before we're through with this election.

Indeed those are other words, which Obama never even came remotely close to using. Ever the scold, Jeralyn also writes:
Update: This really gets me too:
"The young men who simply answered their country’s call."
They were drafted, they had no choice.

Yes, they were. But you know how else speaks of American's "answering their country's call" in reference to Vietnam? Col. David Hackworth.

...Oy. The comments section is pretty funny. Most of the readers think Jeralyn has overreached. Jeralyn, however, doubles down and asks, "why is he bringing Vietnam up at all? He has no memories of that time here. He was either an infant or living in Indonesia."

I can't wait for the primaries to be over so everyone can be smart again.

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