Tuesday, February 19, 2008

One Step Closer to a Harold Ickes-Free Administration. Smell It.

As Greg Sargent makes clear, Sen. Clinton won, well, nothing.

Obama edged Hillary in the female vote, 51%-49%.

He won by a sizable margin among middle-aged voters, 53%-46%.

He won by decent margins among voters with an income less than $50,000.

He won by big margins among self described moderates and conservatives.

He won overwhelmingly among people who decided in the last week or the last three days, though Hillary won narrowly among those who decided in the last day.

He won narrowly among members of union households.

TalkLeft, understandably pissy, has the line of the night:

For the first time in a primary outside of Illinois and African-American dominated states, Hillary Clinton lost Democrats to Barack Obama by 51-48.

Yeah, it must hurt like a motherfucker that whitey won't vote for Senator Clinton. Not so easy to write this one off, is it?

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