Wednesday, November 14, 2007

When has Glenn Reynolds ever not thought we were winning in Iraq?

He really is a Putz. There's no better word for him.

JOE KLEIN: Are we winning in Iraq?

Yes. "We are winning" isn't the same as "we have won." But it's a cruel blow to those who've had a lot invested in the notion that we've lost, something that's even been noted on the left. If things continue to play out as they are, Iraq will be stable, and its people will remain deeply unhappy with Al Qaeda, and those -- in Iran and Saudi Arabia -- who have backed its violence and the effort to keep Iraq chaotic and deadly.
Look, it's simple. Anyone who's been saying "We're winning!" since the invasion and for 6 years has been wrong about everything does not have the credibility lecture anyone on taking a realistic, unvarnished view of events in Iraq. Period.

And seriously -- "if things play out as they are"? How are they? There is no political progress. If things "play out" with no Iraqi government Iraq will be stable? And suddenly the Shiites in Iraq will turn on Iran and the Sunni in Iraq will turn on the Saudis?


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