Friday, November 09, 2007

Kill Me Now.

From the NYP:

Meanwhile, the process of selecting the Time Person of the Year is well under way.

The consensus seems to be that some flavor of an environmental theme would get the nod. But there seemed to be differing views on how to convey that.

Chris DeWolfe, the founder of MySpace, said the honor should go to Al Gore, an Oscar and Nobel Prize winner. NBC News' Brian Williams, who last year accurately predicted the pronoun that won, this year went with someone he called "a woman with a history of abuse: Mother Nature."

Whoopi Goldberg picked the color green.

"When you see it now, it's not about little leprechauns in Ireland," she said.

Former Virginia Sen. George Allen broke the green theme with his choice: Army Gen. David Petraeus, whom Allen called "the architect of the counter-insurgency in Iraq. He's not just a scholar, he's a warrior."

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