Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I Get E-mail.

Dear ---,

As a New Republic subscriber, you've relished coverage that penetrated the inner sanctum of politicians...intellectuals...media mavens...and statesmen. You've feasted on opinions that challenge orthodoxy and redefine major issues of the day.

Now you have just a few issues left...can you really afford to be uninformed about the key issues of the day?

Don't let your subscription expire! Keep The New Republic coming, replete with exposes, eye-opening insights and maverick ideas.

Continue to indulge your intellectual curiosity with the publication that's independent, feisty, and free-thinking. Sign up for another year of The New Republic. Renewing is quick, easy and savings are guaranteed. Simply CLICK HERE to avoid a break in service.


Martin Peretz

Ha. Like Peretz has ever written something this cogent.

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