Monday, November 12, 2007

Glenn Reynolds wonders if the Vietnam Memorial is "wimpy."

(Pictured: a Vietnam vet emasculates himself.)

The Williams-Sonoma enthusiast wonders if our modern war monuments are "wimpy" and links to this piece about the Vietnam, 9/11, and Flight 93 Memorials.
What these modern war memorials have in common with each other is nothing. They portray nothingness. They have no people in them, never mind men carrying guns or swords, statues of Winged Victory, or even doves of peace. Just death and names -- grief without glory.
So that's what's wrong with the Vietnam Memorial. It doesn't have any big strong men brandishing guns or swords. What were they thinking?

And that planned 9/11 Memorial? Too damn depressing. Why is there no Winged Victory to mark the spot where several thousand Americans were killed by planes? Same goes for Flight 93. I mean, shouldn't it have a little "Let's Roll" in there?

Luckily for us we have real, authentic warriors like Putz and Duncan to point these things out.

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