Saturday, November 24, 2007

Glenn Reynolds and Jeff Goldstein Dan Collins can't read.

Putz links to this Collins post containing this from the NY Post: (updated)
Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe the federal government had warnings about 9/11 but decided to ignore them, a national survey found.
Added Goldstein,
Those Creationists, though . . . they’re WAY out there.
Um, did Goldstein and Putz forget the August PDB? There is no debate that the Bush Administration ignored many warnings. The key phrase here is "decided to" and what that exactly means.

Bush clearly decided to ignore the PDB, because no significant action was taken after August 6, 2001. That in itself doesn't constitute a "conspiracy" -- that he knew what was coming and wanted it to happen -- it indicates incompetence.

How this is a defense of biblical literalists is anyone's guess.


Someone in comments baited Collins into this unbelievable rant, which is so perfectly indicative of how batshit crazy the wingnuts are:
People believe that the anthropogenic component of global warming is grossly overstated, that the data has been manipulated and misinterpreted to serve ideological ends and for the simple pleasure of self-flattery, that Valerie Wilson wasn’t undercover in any serious sense of the word, that John Kerry has a talent for shooting himself in the ass and that you can’t explain why certain fundamentalist Islamist terrorists had been given sanctuary in Iraq.
You see--global warming isn't being caused by humans. That's a phony lefty conspiracy. And Valerie Wilson wasn't undercover, despite what the current head of the CIA says. And John Kerry shot himself. And Saddam had ties to 9/11.

They really are nuts.

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