Monday, October 22, 2007

What does Glenn Beck have to say to get fired?

What is he blackmailing the execs at CNN with?

(h/t Atrios)


Charles points out that Putz linked approvingly to this idiot, who writes:
It's Beck's opinion that some who hate America live in that area.

Is this even debatable?
This is fun!

It's my opinion that there were lots of racists who lost their houses to Hurricane Rita.

Is that even debatable?


Tbogg weighs in over in comments:
Congratulations! You've discovered the secret to getting someone to read your shitty blog.

Defend the indefensible.

I look forward to your three part series: Pedophiles C'mon, they just love kids!
Whatever, T.

It's my OPINION that lots of people who hate America died in the Tsunami. Is that even debatable?


Jammiesboy banned me for merely stating my opinion that some people who read Putz are Nazis. Now given that he gets over 5,000,000 hits a day or whatever it is, is that even debatable?

Jammies, banning me for my opinion? Tsk-tsk.

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