Sunday, October 07, 2007


Pro-War Protesters Assault Father Of Soldier Killed in Iraq
A counter-demonstration was also held by supporters of the war. One prominent peace activist Carlos Arredondo was beaten by pro-war activists. Arredondo's son Alex died in Iraq three years ago. To honor Alex's memory, Carlos has been crisscrossing the country pulling a flag-draped coffin. He marched with the coffin on Saturday and then left the march to return the coffin to his truck. That's when a pro-war supporter tried to rip a photo of Carlos' son from the coffin. When Carlos tried to save the photograph, he said a group of pro-war activists attacked him.

  • Carlos Arredondo: "I was assaulted by a group of pro-war people. They come into the ground, and they kicked me and punched me. As a citizen of this country, it’s my duty and my responsibility to participate. As a father, who I lost my son in Iraq, I got to honor my son."
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