Friday, October 05, 2007

Glenn Reynolds denies he's a conservative for the 2,432th time.

(Putz, non-conservative, keynote speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference, a totally non-partisan, non-conservative event sponsored by The American Conservative Union.)

Oh come off it, Putz. Just come out of the closet already (emphasis mine):
THE NATIONAL JOURNAL LOOKS AT BLOGS: It's a pretty good piece, though author Bara Vaida calls me a "conservative," which is only true if "conservative" is a synonym for "supports the war." But then, that's common usage these days.
"Supports the war."

That's it? Really?

How many non-conservatives:

Are gun rights extremists?
Are Club for Growthers?
Are fervent Bush/Cheney supporters?
Listen to Rush Limbaugh?
Watch Fox News?
Read Investor's Business Daily?
Read TCS Daily?
Are fans of Hugh Hewitt?
Michelle Malkin?
Jonah Goldberg?
Classical Values?
Captain's Quarters?
Don Surber?
Believed the Swift Boat Liars?
Believed the Rick Santorum/WMD discovery?
Believe that Iran has been at war with us since 1979?
Are against raising the minimum wage?
Are against universal health care?
Are against raising CAFE standards?
Are for killing Medicare and Medicaid?
Are for killing Social Security?
Call environmental activists hypocrites?
Have been keynote speakers at CPAC?
Have nothing but contempt for every progressive politician in the country?
Have voted Republican in every election after 2000?

I'm guessing not too many.


I guess if by denying he's "conservative" Putz means he's really a "right wing extremist fanatic Bush following neocon Dittohead gun nut" then yes, he's not a "conservative."

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