Wednesday, September 05, 2007

"I always suspected [David Souter] was the sissy mary." (Updated)

Says this guy:

UPDATE: It seems Souter is in good company. A little birdie sent me a piece Hemingway wrote whilst an editor of the Oregon Commentator -- ten years ago. First graf:

It is precisely this time of year which we gather amongst ourselves to discuss what has happened over the course of the last nine months. I, in particular, have my own special ritual. It usually begins with me turning to my manservant Standish and rudely yelling "Bring in the bottled lightning, a clean tumbler and a corkscrew!" I then kick him like a dog until he manages to drag himself out of the room, at which point I lock the door and sulk bitterly and periodically sob like a sissy mary--for weeks.

...Sayeth Norbiz: "Now you see what you get when you try to create a John Podhoretz clone from discarded shoulder hair in an Uzbek laboratory."

UPDATE by Blue Texan

Another portrait of Hemingway: the man's man.

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