Friday, September 07, 2007

How delusional is Hanson?

Apparently, totally. VDH says he agrees with "mainstream Republicans" on Iraq:
...despite all the errors, unfortunately not rare in war, Iraq is on the path to becoming a viable state that will not translate its natural wealth into wars against its neighbors, and now fights rather than subsidizes terrorists. The war can be won and will be, and in retrospect with far more positive than negative consequences: keep the amount of troops in Iraq that the military feels is necessary to allow the government there to quell violence and perform its duties—the only safe way to disengage.
What "government" is Hanson referring to? What is his definition of "viable state" and what does "winning" the war mean in real terms?

Krugman: independent assessment has concluded that violence in Iraq is down. On the contrary, estimates based on morgue, hospital and police records suggest that the daily number of civilian deaths is almost twice its average pace from last year. And a recent assessment by the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office found no decline in the average number of daily attacks.

Baghdad is undergoing ethnic cleansing, with Shiite militias driving Sunnis out of much of the city. And guess what? When a Sunni enclave is eliminated and the death toll in that district falls because there’s nobody left to kill, that counts as progress by the Pentagon’s metric.
Sounds viable to me!

Hanson's right about one thing: the idea that the Surge Is Working is a mainstream Republican view. And that's why they're so screwed.

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