Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Oklahoma Vanity Plate (Update)

This is pretty disgusting, and it makes me almost sympathetic to the poor felons who had to make 'em.

As the TP commenters point out, why the Twin Towers? Why not the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building? I guess it would've been in bad taste to depict the work of Timothy McVeigh, homegrown Christian terrorist, who took down a building in --- shit, where was it? -- Oklafuckinghoma.

...In comments, Matt notes:

There *is* a Murrah building special license plate, but by law, it can only be sold to survivors, rescue workers, or family members of victims. The design shows a teddy bear and other items left along the fence.

Oklahoma also has a red-white-and-blue custom "Patriot" plate, and until earlier this year. About $20 of the fee for both that plate and this "GWOT" plate go to the 45th Infantry Museum, the free, public museum about the history of the military and the National Guard in Oklahoma. There used to be one of those shady "Support Our Troops" plates whose fee went to "Support Our Troops, Inc.," but that seems to have been dropped.

So, yeah, if Oklahoma had only 2 license plates, this might reek, but Oklahoma has about 150 custom plates, so this is just a normal part of the insanity.

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