Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I agree with Markos on this:
There were lots of diaries about who "won" and "lost". I don't think I won or lost. I think I was able to clearly state -- both on the show and afterward -- that my objections with the DLC have less to do with their "centrism" and more to do with their refusal to play within the Democratic coalition. We can and often will disagree on policy, but that is no different than my disagreements with some unions on environmental issues (like CAFE standards), or other groups on gun issues, or whatever. None of us will agree with anyone else on everything. But we get more of what we want with Democrats in charge, and so we need to work together.
It seemed to me that Ford was staking out a rather weird position on MTP: the DLC gets to trash Democrats we don't like on Fox News...but we need to work together.

My biggest beef with the DLC is that they attack other Democrats using Republican frames, frequently on Republican media. That's got to stop. If they want to make an argument for a piece of policy, fine. Great. Let's fight it out. Just don't do it by bringing the rest of the party's brand down.

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