Sunday, July 22, 2007

Why is it always Democrats that need a "Sister Souljah moment"?

Not this again.

Look, telling your own side what they don't want to hear is a perfectly admirable trait in a candidate. And one can argue that in doing so, the candidate reaches independents, thereby broadening his or her appeal.

But the war is not an issue where the Ds and Is disagree -- in fact, even 52% of Iowa Republicans want out of Iraq yesterday. So one wonders just what Gregory thinks Hillary will gain by saying something about Iraq other than "we're getting out quick."

And seriously, where are the calls in the press for the Republican candidates to have SSMs with their base, who on the critical issues of the day -- from Iraq, to stem cells, to climate change --- are way out of step with the majority of the American people? Because Willard, Rudy, and Dalton all seem to be trying to out-wingnut each other and I see no calls for them to "get real" with the "angry right."

They don't need a Sister Souljah "moment." They need a Sister Souljah campaign.

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