Monday, July 09, 2007

White Flag Republicans.

(Pictured: Iowa teacher Kathy Shaffer, a two-time Bush voter who wants al Qaeda to win.)

From today's New York Times:

“I did vote for him twice, but I’m very disappointed in him,” said Kathy Shaffer, an elementary school teacher from Clear Lake, Iowa. “I have switched completely from pro-Iraq to ‘I want them home.’ I’m afraid Bush is not going to be able to do anything because of this Iraqi war.”

What a defeatist surrender monkey.
David Labowitz, an insurance salesman here, said he voted for Mr. Bush in 2004 and was eager for the next election to come along so he could rectify what he called his mistake. “I am a registered Republican,” Mr. Labowitz said, “but I am so embarrassed to be a registered Republican.”

It's stories like this that make me think Bush dead-enders like Putz -- who actually believe that opposing the war is suicide for the GOP -- a "death wish" he called it today -- really have no freaking idea the hurt their party's in for.

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