Thursday, July 26, 2007

What if he's read Burroughs?

Hugh Hewitt has discovered that Pvt. Beauchamp has enjoyed On the Road -- "Fiction!" trumpets Hewitt! -- so is ipso facto guilty of making stuff up.

Well! Good thing Beauchamp's not one of those wackos who believes all that shit in the Bible. Then he'd be really suspicious!

By Hugh's measure, one also hopes that Pvt. B isn't a fan of Reality Sandwiches -- "Aha! He's attracted to little boys!" -- or the works of Lucian Carr.

For entertainment purposes, I hope Hewitt's literary criticism extends beyond the Beats.

...It occurs to me -- shouldn't Hewitt be a fan of Jack's? As a grown man who lived with his mom, a case can be made that Kerouac was the first blogger!

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