Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Town Hall Dolchstoss.

Hew Hughitt on Pace's recent comments that Iraq is the awesomest war ever:
Against the backdrop of stories like this one, Harry Reid's surrender sleep-over takes on an almost lunatic air --a rushing about by the lefties to legislate defeat before the clear facts of progress leading to victory become widely known and lastingly illustrative of the Dems' inability to be trusted with the country's national security.
Let's try this one more time, just for kicks. On planet Earth, we find that:
  1. People hate the war.
  2. People kicked the Republicans out of both houses in November because they hate the war.
  3. The Senate Democrats are trying to end the war people hate.
What's going to happen when Hew's boy Willard figures out that Iraq is a loser in '08?

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