Thursday, July 12, 2007

Some Thoughts on Bush's Presser (Updated)

1. Bush finds the killing of civilians "interesting." Really.

I find it interesting that as this young democracy has taken hold, radicals and extremists kill innocent people to stop its advance.

2. Apparently, "we can't let Al Qaida gain safe haven inside of Iraq."

Zat so?

3. Bush claims that, last November, he "didn't approve of what was taking place in Iraq because it looked like all the efforts that we had taken to that point in time were about to fail."

News to me.

4. "And the guys who had perpetuated the attacks on America -- obviously, the guys on the airplane are dead."

Good to know!

5. Tommy Frank is, as usual, the reason Iraq sucks:

I mean, one of the questions is, should we have sent more in the beginning? Well, I asked that question, Do you need more? to General Tommy Franks.

6. "[F]reedom isn't just, you know, for Americans or Methodists..." Um, okay.

7. Last question:

QUESTION: Is bin Laden...

BUSH: Thank you all.

QUESTION: Is bin Laden alive?

I guess he didn't hear it...

...Looks like Nordlinger is crushing on The Codpiece!

Personally, I kind of like it when Bush is petulant and snappish. Basically, I like him in all his moods.


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