Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ruffini Death Pool

Townhall isn't exactly the media juggernaut that Hugh Hewitt would like it to be. It's not even fit, frankly, to wipe TPM's ass after a severe bout of diarrhea.

I assume, therefore, that Patrick Ruffini probably isn't making a king's ransom from his Townhall paymasters -- in which case, one wonders, how much more abuse is he willing to take?

Addressing Ruffini's pro-Youtube stance, Hugh Hewitt writes, "First, Patrick's lengthy post below is a fascinating exercise in missing the point. I am glad that Patrick posts here in the virtual house of one of the fellows blinkered to the need for the GOP to embrace the web, but he is ignoring the real dilemma the campaigns are confronting and refusing to visualize the worst case scenario."

Hello, Kitty Genovese!

Then, as surely as a 2-gallon bottle of Jim Beam precedes a Peggy Noonan column, Hewitt 2.0 hehindeeds his boss, even though, he claims, "it’s a subject that I care very little about." Dean Barnett says Ruffini is "fretting," which, on the sliding scale of schoolyard taunts, ranks just below pouting.

How long can Ruffini put up with this disrespect?

In the grand of PJM Death Pool (cause of death: boredom) let's have the Ruffini Death Pool. I'm in for two weeks -- he'll be off the reservation by August 12.

Anyone else?

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