Sunday, July 01, 2007

Just don't call them 'Christianists.'

The party that Rove built is a bit queasy about Willard:

Many conservative Christians are quietly nervous about Romney's religion, and the issue surfaced as Romney opened his campaigning at a forum in Pella, about 40 miles south of Des Moines.

Mary Van Steenis asked Romney how he would ponder important decisions as president and which source of inspiration he would seek.

"Where would the Bible be in that process?" she asked. "Would it be above the Book of Mormon, or would it be beneath it?"

"I don't know that there's any conflict at all between the values of great faiths like mine, like yours, like other faiths, like Jews who don't believe in the New Testament," he said.

"People of faith have different doctrines and different beliefs on various topics of a theological nature. But in terms of what it is we are going to believe and also based on our values for our country, I think we come from the same place," Romney said.

The answer did not satisfy Van Steenis.

"I asked, 'If you had to look to one source, what would it be?' He didn't really respond to that," she said after the event. "This is serious to me."

It is serious. Ms. Van Steenis, a good Republican, thinks the bible is the "one source" a President should consult while making "important decisions."

But don't call her a 'Christianist' -- that would be bigotry.

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