Monday, July 23, 2007

Wingnut Psychology: "[T]he legal principle of who cares?"

Chris Hedges, in a widely read article in The Nation, describes a photo showing a U.S. soldier "reaching in to scoop out some of [an Iraqi's] brain, looking at the camera and ... smiling."

Jules Crittenden responds:

Scribbling theology student Chris Hedges, who thought war is the force that gives us meaning, is shocked, or at least betting he’ll make money on the premise that readers will be. He brings us the brain-scooping incident, which is in poor taste, but not exactly criminal.**

What sort of justification, I wonder, could those asterisks reveal? Here:

** Technically, as a reader notes below, abusing a corpse in military as well as civilian life is a crime. In this case, I’d apply the legal principle of who cares?

That's insane. And right on schedule, Glenn Reynolds links to Crittenden's post, giving it the anodyne tag, "JULES CRITTENDEN on war and psychology."


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